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ST620B TDR Cable Fault Locator with DMM function

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ST620B TDR Cable Fault Locator with DMM function

ST620B TDR Cable Fault Locator with DMM function

ST620B TDR Cable Fault Locator with DMM function


This DMM/TDR cable fault locator is the latest generation cable tester, which is  designed with the technology of ARM+FPGA large dot matrix color LCD display . It is used for the measuring of exact fault location such as the broken line, cross faults, earthing, poor insulation and poor contact of the lead covered cables as well as plastic cables. It is an effective tool to reduce troubleshooting time, improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity of line maintenance staff. It also can be used in line projects acceptance and inspection of electrical cables.


1. Large color LCD Display (480 x 280 dot); humanized operation interface; six function keys and simple operation.

2.Combine with pulse reflection testing (TDR) and Digital Multimeter(DMM), can test broken lines, crossing lines, poor insulation and other types of faults.

3.Manual testing function is preserved.

4.Full English Menu is easy to master and use.

5.With megameter and ohmmeter, it enables to test insulation resistance and loop resistance.

6.With USB Port, it is easy to upload testing data to computer(This function is optional)

7 Rechargeable lithium battery, intelligent charging without duty.

8.Small dimension, light weight and portable design.


1)Pulse reflection testing(TDR)

Max range: 8 km(16kms, and 32kms are optional)

Dead Zone: 0 m

Testing Accuracy: 1m

Pulse width: 40ns-10μs with automatic adjustment

Automatic impedance balance adjustment

Automatic and manual gain adjustment

2) Digital Multimeter(DMM)

v  DC voltage: -400V~ 400V, resolution can reach 0.001V

v  AC voltage: 0V~290V

v  Capacitance: 0nF~1000nF

Accuracy: 0–10nF: ±2nF; 10nF–1000nF :  ±2% +±2 nF

v  Loop resistance: 0Ω~20kΩ

Accuracy: 0–100: ± 3% +± 4Ω  100- 500: ±3% ; 500-20 KΩ ±2%

v  Insulation resistance between line: 0M Ω  -30M M Ω.

Accuracy:0–1.0M: ±0.1M Ω 1.0M – 30M: ±10% + 0.5 MΩ.

v  The charging time of about 3.5 hours

v  Full – after 8 hours of continuous operating time

v  Size: 210mm * 166mm * 90mm

v  Weight: 1Kg

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