Fiber Optic Traction/Laying/Puller Machine

  • Fiber Optic Traction/Laying/Puller Machine 0

    Cable Traction Machine
    Municipalities, telecommunications and other enterprises often have to carry out buried pipeline construction and wiring.

    In the traditional optical cable and cable construction process, it is difficult and the construction period is tight. Inevita-
    bly, a large amount of manpower is required, and the construction period is long.

    With technology as the primary productivity, Clusterasia Corp offers an efficient, time-saving and labor-saving cable
    tractor that solves a major problem in cable construction.
    The cable tractor is suitable for the construction of cable buried pipelines. During the construction process, the machine
    always keeps the cable smoothly.
    With the help of Cable traction machine, the cable is not stacked, the pressure and tension of the cable are less than the
    safety parameters and the cable will not be damaged

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