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High Power 1550nm Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA), Externally modulated

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⦿ Using erbium ytterbium co-doped double-clad fiber technology.
⦿ Output power:2-10W(33-40dBm).
⦿ 16 — 64 ports. Please refer to the prices of EDFA for the db gain per port and total power.

⦿ Built-in low-noise preamplifier, without EDFA cascading, greatly reducing system CNR and MER degrada-

⦿ Output port optional: SC connector 16 to 64 ports optional; LC connector 32 to 128 ports optional;
optional WDM.
⦿ The front panel can be flexibly removed and replaced according to the number of output ports.
⦿ Optional built-in optical switch module to facilitate the expansion of equipment.
⦿ Front panel keys can be set to modify the performance parameters of the equipment to meet customer
needs of different network design.
⦿ Cooling fan support online replacement
⦿ Low noise figure: 0dBm input less than 5dB
⦿ Perfect network management interface, national standard SNMP network management.
⦿ Using a dedicated server mature dual power supply hot backup structure, controlled by a
microcomputer temperature control system with improved system reliability.
⦿ 0.5~-4dB adjustable output power.
⦿ 2.8-inch large TFT true color display.

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